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American Moving and Storage makes your move easy with moving services you can trust! We will customize your personal moving plan to make sure you get what you need for an affordable rate. From full-service packing and moving to a variety of storage options! American Moving and storage will serve as your reliable moving guide in Savannah and surrounding areas!

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Whether you are relocating an apartment or a large family home in Savannah, no job is too big for American Moving and Storage. We screen our Savannah movers and train them thoroughly to ensure that we have the best moving team Savannah, GA has to offer. We will wrap every item you have with our moving pads to make sure they are secure and stay in place. In addition, we can also unload and assemble anything large items!

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Need help moving? American Moving will take care of it for you. Our professional movers have all the supplies to make your move simple and easy. Also, we can unload and unpack any items so you can relax and enjoy your new home. Move forward with us today. Check out the slide below to see what services we offer!

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We also handle long-distance moves!

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Reliable and Affordable Long Distance Moving in Savannah, GA and nearby suburbs

We also handle local moves!

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Reliable and Affordable Packing Services in Savannah, GA and nearby suburbs

We also offer moving supplies like boxes and tape!

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Reliable and Affordable Storage Services in Savannah, GA and nearby suburbs

We also offer storage supplies like boxes and tape!

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Recent Reviews

Jacqueline Mason

These guys were great. We had a particularly hard move as our new house is four stories with nothing that day going to the first floor and the library going to the 4th floor. Also most of our furniture is antique, and large, and wood. They never once complained, they moved items I thought may be impossible up a winding staircase and took such good care of my house, trim and furniture. Truly impressed.

Mike Turner

Fantastic move.. Both the packing team and the moving team were quick and really good at their routines. No surprises with the quote given. I would definitely use them again.

AJ Hetzel

As the owner and operator of an estate sale company, I regularly call on American Moving and Storage, and they handle ALL of my moving needs, local and long distance, big and small! They have never let me down! It's always a pleasure to work with the team at American Moving and Storage! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a move, especially if you are looking for extra special care and attention.

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