Savannah Spring Cleaning Made Easy

The first thing you should do before moving to your new Savannah home is give your soon-to-be-former home a good decluttering. Donating stuff you no longer need means you’ll have less to move.

Then it’ll be time to give your new home a spring cleaning. We’re talking deep cleaning and home organization.

Consider these tips for cleaning – and moving – in spring from your friends at American Moving & Storage:

  • Travel light – Why move things you aren’t going to need in your new home? Tour your closets and garage, looking for items to be donated to a thrift store. If you haven’t worn a garment in a year, or used an appliance in two years, you don’t need it and donating items like these is a win-win situation.
  • Get smart with storage – Consider creative techniques for storing things you only break out once a year. Use vacuum-sealed bags for holiday decoration storage to protect heirlooms. Place decorations in stackable plastic bins and label them for next year.
  • Establish a schedule – Whether you’re deep-cleaning your old residence to make a tidy home for the new inhabitants or preparing your new home for occupancy, it’s important to develop a plan that will keep you focused. List which areas need the most work, and which you tend to skip during routine cleaning. Go room by room and write out a schedule.
  • Clean top to bottom – If you want to live in a truly refreshed home, it’s critical to start from the ceiling and work your way down. This forces dust and debris down (thanks, gravity!). Break out the vacuum and hose extension to clear cobwebs from ceiling fans, then dust the furniture.
  • Remember walls and windows – We regularly clean our floors, but we typically forget about the walls and windows. Not all dust settles on the floors and countertops. Use a moist towel to wipe down walls, blinds and window screens. When you’re ready to clean the windows, put away the chemicals and try a steam cleaner and squeegee instead.
  • Clear the air – One of the most important – and overlooked – aspects of spring cleaning is replacing furnace and HVAC filters. Dust builds up in ducts over the winter. Replacing filters is an inexpensive way to make sure you’re always getting a breath of fresh air.
  • Guard against allergies – Cleaning will unsettle all the winter dust that was collecting on furniture and fixtures. The best way to ensure healthy spring air devoid of allergens is to install an air purifier. Put one in the bedroom of anyone in your family who wakes up feeling stuffed-up during allergy season.
  • Get colorful – If your home feels dark, make small changes to brighten it for spring. Adding colorful pillows and artwork is a great way to enliven a room. Buy brighter bedding, towels and table linens to transform rooms into cheery spring spaces.

Get more advice on your spring move – including a free quote – from the trusted professionals at American Moving & Storage. Give us a call 912-401-0362 or get your free moving estimate online!