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In January 2008, American Moving and Storage burst onto the scene, born from a profound need for a top-tier, professional moving company in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. Nestled amidst a backdrop of military installations, our mission was clear: to serve the ever-moving military service member families and our local community with the utmost care and professionalism.


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Kevin Allen of American Moving and Tim Helenthal of National Van Lines

Our journey was ignited by a native Savannahian, Kevin Allen, who rallied a team of seasoned professionals boasting over a century of collective experience in the art of moving. With Kevin's leadership and the unwavering dedication of our skilled team, American Moving and Storage is a well-oiled machine, overseeing every facet of our operation. From the highest echelons of top management down to our front-line packers and movers, we maintain an iron-clad commitment to excellence.

But our story doesn't stop at moving; it encompasses the full spectrum of relocation needs. Beyond our exceptional moving services, we offer state-of-the-art, secure warehousing options for both temporary and long-term storage. To delve deeper into the wealth of services we provide, just click here.

Within our walls, we've cultivated more than just a company; we've fostered a close-knit working family. Quality at every level is our guiding star. Our dedication to professionalism, unwavering quality of service, and an unimpeachable code of integrity unites us in a bond that's closer than colleagues; it's family. Customer service stands as the crowning jewel in our realm of priorities.

Our track record speaks volumes. At American Moving and Storage, we have consistently delivered dependable moving and storage services, earning the trust of our customers through referrals and word of mouth. We've been honored with recognition as the preferred moving company by real estate agents, brokers, builders, and other esteemed community associations.

Come, join us in this journey where we elevate the art of moving, protect precious memories, and ease transitions. American Moving and Storage isn't just a moving company; we are your partner in change, your assurance of quality, and your steadfast guide to success.

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