Stay on Track with American Moving & Storage’s Military Move Checklist: Tips for a Stress-Free Move

While many people move to Savannah to take advantage of the city’s low cost of living, military personnel and their families have to consider other things before moving to the area, such as how to get government reimbursement for their moving expenses and how to choose between government-provided transportation services or personal transportation with a privately owned vehicle (POV).

If you are making a military move in Savannah, then you are probably going to need a professional moving service to walk you through all the necessary steps for moving to live on or near one of the two army bases local to the area: Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

Luckily, Savannah lovers her troops, and so does our team at American Moving & Storage! We want to make the PCS moving process easier for our active-duty service members and their families, so your Savannah military movers have put together a short checklist to help you navigate the confusing and difficult aspects of a PCS move.

Savannah is the Hostess City of the South, and as good southern hosts, your Savannah military movers at American Moving & Storage want to help you welcome to your new home with this vital information:

Military Move Checklist:

When you receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders, you are usually eligible for a variety of transportation allowances.

According to, a PCS move is most commonly a move between one duty station and another or between your final duty station and home of record upon discharge. However, there are many types of PCS orders, and each comes with specialized rules.

As a top-rated moving company affiliated with National Van Lines, American Moving & Storage offers moving and storage services in Savannah, and we also provide our customers with checklists like this with important info to help keep you move stress-free. Here are our tips for making a successful PCS move:

  1. Take Note of Your PCS Date & Plan With It in Mind

It takes months of planning, organizing, and correctly filed paperwork to move successfully after receiving PCS orders. Although the government will pay for your moving expenses and you can arrange moving services with a provider like American Moving & Storage, you still need to make sure you have filed the appropriate paperwork at the right times to ensure you receive reimbursement for moving and travel expenses.

  • Take Advantage of Reimbursement Options for Travel and Moving Expenses

During a PCS move, you should never pay for your own travel expenses. You and your family should be reimbursed for all travel, and as long as you work with a DP3 moving service, like American Moving & Storage, the cost of your move is covered by the government as well. You should even receive Per Diem for any food and lodging costs accrued during your PCS move.

  • Use Good Resources to Gather Information

Military One Source is a great resource if you are looking for information about PCS moves. On their website, you can look up service providers and make personalized moving checklists. On their website, they also link to important tools you’ll need to use when planning your move, such as the Defense Personal Property System (DPS.) DPS is the system that allows you to schedule your move, track your shipment, and file claims. You will need to have access to DPS to plan your PCS. On the Military One Source website, you will also found helpful links to the housing offices, which help you set up housing allowances and get referrals for off-base housing, moving benefits, and the relocation assistance program.

  • Use a Full Service DP3 Provider like American Moving & Storage

Use the Defense Personal Property System, (DPS) to find a Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) to provide service to you for your move. DP3 providers, like us, help military personnel better manage their PCS moves. Using DPS, you can communicate directly with us, and your property is better protected because you are working with a top-ranked moving company.

  • Settle in: Get to Know Your New Home

One of the most difficult parts of military life is its pick-up-and-go nature; as military personnel, you are expected to be mobile, but it can be difficult changing locations and getting set up in your new home so quickly. We recommend planning ahead and setting up your move ahead of time so that you don’t have to unpack and settle in a rush. One of the ways you can do this is by utilizing our packing service. We will help you pack and un-pack your personal belongings so that the process of moving is more quick and convenient for you.

Moving to Ft. Stewart Army Base

Situated about 40 miles outside Savannah, Fort Stewart base is home to the 3rd Infantry Division, including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Brigade Combat Teams. This Army Base is also home to the 3rd Sustainment and Combat Aviation Brigades.

If your PCS orders bring you to Fort Stewart, then you’ll probably want to prepare to live on or near the largest military facility in the Eastern United States. The base is made up of 280,000 acres of land, which are used to run tank, field, artillery, small arms ranges, and gunnery training.

Fort Stewart’s mission is to prepare recruits for immediate deployment with high-quality training. 

Conveniently located on Kahn Industrial Ct. in Savannah, American Moving & Storage is prepared to help you move, pack, and store your personal belongings to Fort Stewart.

Moving to Hunter Army Airfield

Although Hunter Army Airfield is considered separate from Fort Stewart, the two bases work closely together. Along with having a main runway over 11,000 feet long, the Airfield was also once an alternative landing facility for Nasa and the Space Shuttle. 

The base features 350 acres of land that is used for aircraft parking and an Arrival and Departure facility that is 75,000 square feet. The base also is home to a railroad station and is set up to help facilitate multiple forms of travel.

Hunter Airfield’s main function is to assist Fort Stewart. In the event of military cargo and personnel deployment, Hunter Airfield helps send Army personnel to destinations all over the world. If your PCS orders lead you to Hunter Airfield, you will become a vital part of the base’s transportation and deployment mission.

American Moving & Storage is a great option for Army personnel and their families because we are transportation experts who know how to keep your belongings safe during your PCS.

Looking for Moving and Storage Services in Savannah?

Supporting our troops isn’t just a saying at American Moving & Storage—it’s what we do. We believe it is our duty to help make the moving process easier for active-duty service members, so if you’re a member of the United States Army looking for support moving to Ft. Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, or the Savannah area, reach out to us for more information.

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