Should I tip my movers? Savannah Moving Guide

You know you’re supposed to tip servers, hairstylists and drivers: But what about your moving company? It’s something you’re thinking about now that you’ve relocated cross-country to your new home in Georgia.

Adding a gratuity is your choice, but is it customary when it comes to professional movers? And if you should tip, how much? Read on for guidelines.

When you hire a full-service moving company – such as American Moving & Storage – you’re entrusting your treasures to movers Americans have relied on for nearly 15 years. American Moving’s crews pride themselves on A-to-Z service and customer satisfaction.

Unlike restaurant or salon staff, movers don’t expect tips. But they appreciate receiving a reward for superior service. Defining an industry standard is tricky, so let’s consider a list of factors to weigh when deciding whether to tip movers.

A job well done?

As your movers finish their work, think about how the day went. 

Consider these tippable attributes:

  • Did they show up on time? 
  • Did they listen, ask questions, provide expert advice and put you at ease? 
  • Did your belongings end up where you wanted them? 
  • Moreover, did your movers go above and beyond?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, consider tipping your professional moving crew. As for the amount, well, that depends on your satisfaction with the service provided. More on that in a moment.

A tough move?

A factor to consider when deciding how much to tip your movers is the job’s difficulty. Did they have to negotiate flights of stairs, cramped hallways or other complex conditions? If they safely transported a piano, artwork or other fragile items, you should tip to show your appreciation. Most professional movers consider Pianos a specialty move; some can cost more than a house! 

Also, consider the weight of what they moved and how many pieces and boxes they carried. Did your cross-country move involve huge furniture pieces? Did the move take a long time? Moving heavy appliances on a sweltering summer day might warrant a larger tip. And if you made lots of specific requests and saw them carried out to a T, a healthy tip is in order.

If you decide to tip

The going rate for a tip for a local move is 5% of the total bill if the customer is exceptionally pleased. For multi-day, cross-country moves, tips can range from $40-200 per person for large jobs. Of course, how much you tip is up to you and your level of satisfaction.

How should you share the wealth? Determine whether you’d like to give a tip to the foreman or each professional mover individually. Some companies might have gratuity policies for your (and the workers’) protection, so check your contract or ask American Moving ahead.

Remember, the crew moving you out may be different from the one moving you in: Be sure to tip movers while you have the chance. If a few movers worked particularly hard, feel free to give them a slightly larger tip. Otherwise, split it equally among the crew.

Use this tipping guideline if you are satisfied with your moving team and want to give extra!

4 hours or less, $20 to $40 per person

8 hours $40 to $80 per person

12 hours or more, $60 to $100 per person

One more suggestion: You can also show appreciation by offering your movers cold drinks, especially during those hot summer days in Savannah!

Tipping Movers FAQ

Is it proper etiquette to tip movers?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to tip the movers based on your satisfaction with the moving services. You can choose to give your crew a flat rate. It’s generally best practice to provide a 5%-10% tip if you are happy with your services.

What is a typical tip for a mover?

A typical tip is around 4$ to 5$ per hour per mover or 5% to 10% of the total move cost.

Is $20 per mover a good tip?

A typical tip is around 4$ to 5$ per hour per mover or 5% to 10% of the total move cost. If your crew worked 4-5 hours, $20 per move is a great tip!

How much should I tip for a $3000 move?

If we are looking to provide a 10% tip, $300 distributed to the crew will suffice if you are happy with the moving services offered. 

Do you tip movers before or after a move?

It is up to you to decide when and how you tip your movers—incentivizing your movers with an early tip before the move is common. However, we recommend tipping after your move is complete. 

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