How to Maintain a Fireplace

Happy Holidays from Savannah, GA, y’all! As the new year looms ever closer, many people look to make big changes in their lives. At American Moving & Storage, we know that change can be daunting, but we’re here to help! In light of the holiday season, we want to remind everyone that fireplace maintenance is incredibly important this time of year, especially for new homeowners who are cranking up their fireplaces for the first time. So, before you start plating up your black-eyed peas and collard greens in celebration of the new year, take a break and read some of our tips for how to maintain a fireplace.

How to Maintain a Fireplace

The first step in fireplace maintenance is determining the type of fireplace installed in your new home. Typically, modern homes use one of two different kinds of heating systems, both of which require distinct maintenance strategies. Gas fireplaces are usually easier to maintain than their wood burning counterparts, so we’ll start there.

How to Clean and Maintain a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces require many checks and are at their best when periodically cleaned using expert cleaning services. Although gas fireplaces usually do not accumulate dangerous debris, they still require yearly cleaning because the vent pipe and tubing need to be regularly checked for leaks or damage prior to routine use.

How to Maintain a Wood Burning Fireplace

The more traditional heating system is the wood burning fireplace, which is known for its production of familiar, comforting scents. Made from non-combustible materials, wood burning fireplaces require users to start fires in grates using thoroughly inspected combustible materials. Unfortunately, combustible materials, like wood and paper, tend to accumulate, making wood burning fireplaces more difficult to maintain than gas fireplaces. All unburned materials and charred logs need to be removed after using a wood burning fireplace, and any accumulated ash or soot needs to be removed as well to keep a wood burning fireplace running optimally. Routine cleaning and maintenance is important because soot build up could clog the chimney on your wood burning fireplace, becoming a dangerous fire hazard.

Fireplace Professionals

Whether your fireplace uses gas or wood, it is vital to have it inspected regularly by professionals. Looking for a licensed Savannah chimney sweep or quality service for fireplace repair in Savannah, GA doesn’t have to be difficult.

Check out Trentstone, Inc., T.D. Anderson or Sootmaster for your professional chimney and fireplace needs!

The Bottom Line: Moving in Savannah, GA

Your local movers at American Moving & Storage have been helping people move in the Savannah area since 2008 and are always ready to help point new homeowners in the right direction for professional cleaning and maintenance services. Start your new year off right by choosing American Moving & Storage for all your transportation, relocation, and storage needs! You can go online to book an appointment or give us a call at 912-401-0362 to schedule your move today!

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