Moving for Love and What to Expect in Savannah, GA

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you need to spice up your love life? Have you met someone new online that’s made you want to move for love? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions lately, then it may be time to consider moving for love this February.

Moving in February can be difficult because February is considered the coldest month in North America, but what’s better than a heart-warming in-person reunion with your partner? Down here in Savannah, GA we know a thing or two about love because Savannah is one of the most romantic cities in the United States. This Valentine’s Day hundreds of couples will unite in the beautiful Hostess City of the South, but moving away from family for love or leaving your job to move for love is a big decision and the consequences should be weighed very carefully before embarking on a serious romantic journey. You have probably seen many examples of moving for love; TV shows, movies, and books are rife with tales of romance-gone-right or wrong in a new city. Here are a few things to things to think about before taking the big leap.

Communication is key. Whether your partner lives thousands of miles away or is lying next to you in bed right now, relationships demand consistent communication, intimacy, and understanding in order to remain healthy and fulfilling. Many couples think that moving to be together will solve big relationship problems, but the reality is that communication and intimacy still take practice, even when sharing a home. There are also several big-picture questions to consider as a couple before moving in together; you and your partner should be on the same page about future plans, money, and domestic responsibilities. If you’ve ever seen HGTV’s Moving for Love TV show, then you know that moving for love can be daunting. Both people in a partnership should have a solid support system in place for dealing with the stresses of the move.

Maybe you really love your partner and want to be with them, but you find yourself stuck on the question: will I regret moving for love? Unfortunately, the answer is far from straightforward. About 40% of Americans have moved for love before, and according to the same survey, about half of the women who chose to move for love ultimately regretted it (although, funnily enough, more men on average moved for love than women.) Odds are you have about a 50% chance of living happily-ever-after with your partner in a new city, so why not go for it?

Moving in Savannah, GA

If you and your partner are looking for a place to start fresh and make your romantic dreams come true, consider Savannah, GA. Still quaint enough to feel homey and unique enough to feel fresh, Savannah is a perfect place for young couples to explore the world and each other. The two of you can take a refreshing walk through the Savannah Historic District or visit one of Savannah’s many museums, or even check out the Oatland Island Wildlife Center before getting a bite to eat at one of Savannah’s famous restaurants. Remember, moving can be hard work, but it isn’t something you have to do alone. Call American Moving & Storage today at 912-401-0362 or go online to schedule your free moving quote with a company that is local, dependable and knowledgeable.

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