How to Move Plants

Do you have a living room or a nursery? It’s hard to tell because of how many plants you have. Your thermostat is set at optimal temperatures for your plant babies, and you haven’t been able to look out a window in years. And then…you have to move, and you don’t know the best way to move houseplants.

Relocating with plants can be tough, but not necessarily impossible.

Before you panic, check out these plant moving tips. 

Will Movers Move Plants?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most movers will not move plants, unfortunately. There may be some moving companies that will, if the distance is under 150 miles, and if no state lines are crossed during the move. Ask your professional moving company what their plant policy is.  If you need to move anything else, we can take care of you, so you can take care of your plants 😉

Plants Moving

When you know you’ll be moving for sure, have a long talk with your plants. Ha—just kidding! (Although if you are one that talks to your plants, don’t let us stop you!) Keep caring for your plants the way you have been all along, up until a couple days before your move. Then, skip watering them so they aren’t dripping and muddy while in your vehicle. You’re not going to want mud dripping in your car. Before you load them up, trim any dead or dying leaves your plant may have and check for any pests on the leaves or in the soil. If they are not already in plastic pots, you will want to transfer them to some before your journey.

Best Way to Move House Plants

Preparing your plants for a move is important to keeping healthy along the way.

  • Close or tilt away any vents near where your plant will be. Your plants may be affected by the cooling/heating in your car.
  • For great odds on your plant making it to your desitnation without any damage, use a bed sheet to wrap around your plant, keeping it together without being too tight.  

Check with your local nursery for best-practices on this.

Best Way to Move Large Potted Plant

For your Seymour-esque plant, use a dolly to transport it from where it currently sits to the vehicle it will be traveling in. Before you load, take masurments to be sure your plant will clear the roof of your car! Once it’s in the vehicle, use a bungee cord to secure it and bubble wrap the pot your plant is in, just in case.

How to Move Your Plants Cross Country

  • Your plants need care along the way, just like a pet would. Situation them well for light when you stop, and be sure to mist your plants lightly (no heavy watering until you get to your new home). If your plant is especially sensitive to direct sunlight, consider using a shade on your car window, since those kinds of windows can amplify sunlight. And be mindful of the outside temperatures when you stop along the way.
  • Buckle your plants in seats, if possible. This will keep them safer than if they are just in the middle of the car floor. For plants that you can fit more than one in a box, do so, and put the box somewhere where it can’t move. Since you are a plant person, we probably don’t have to tell you not to put your plants in the trunk—but don’t put your plants in the trunk!
  • Once you get to your destination, unload your plants right away and give them a good drink!
  • For more after cross-country moving tips, check out this list.


Brace Yourself…

Your plants are special to you, which is why this is tough to tell you—there’s a good chance you won’t be able to bring every one of your plants with you when you move. Consult with your local nursery to see if your plant can be propagated with a cutting. If so, take a cutting before you go and plant it at your new home. If you’re leaving co-workers, friends and/or family, that you will surely miss, think about giving your plants to these people. This is a lovely gesture and gift to someone you care about, and also a great way ensure your plants will be in good hands. If no one wants your plants, offer them to schools, local business, nursing homes, or greenhouses. Plants are awesome, and your plants won’t be forgotten just because you’re leaving!

Call the Moving Professionals

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