How to Get Rid of Savannah Mosquitoes

A common question asked by people moving to Savannah is:

Are there mosquitoes in Savannah?


It’s Summer in the South, ya’ll, and we all know what that means: BBQ, hanging by the pool, and enjoying the great outdoors with family, friends…and mosquitos. That’s right—mosquitos–the pesky blood-sucking bugs that just won’t die. Whether you’ve recently moved to Savannah or are a lifelong resident, you need to know how to deal with these disease-carrying pests, and American Moving & Storage is here to help with some quick, effective mosquito-zapping tips.

Since 2008, we at American Moving & Storage have been helping the citizens of Savannah move and settle into their new homes, and here in Georgia, that often means getting a handle on the mosquito situation in your new area.

Just like you, mosquitos like to look for comfortable homes. They often look for specific welcoming signs and mosquito-friendly amenities.

Here are some common mosquito attractants to check for in your new yard or the surrounding area:

  • Water—people love water, and so do mosquitos! Our pools, fishing ponds, and local creeks all attract mosquitos. Standing water, untreated ponds or ditches or slow-moving creeks, are some of mosquitos’ favorite hangouts.
  • Local debris—piles of wood, dirt, or other organic material make great homes for mosquitos.

There are also some common mosquito attractants found on the human body:

  • Sweat—human sweat, usually from exercising, is incredibly attractive to mosquitos. Carbon dioxide and body heat, other products of exercise, also tend to attract the pests in droves.
  • Some perfumes and colognes—anything that gives off a potent, sweet odor could attract mosquitos. Lotions, dyes, and laundry detergents are also attractive to mosquitos.

As a well-known and respected GA packing and Savannah moving company, we are very familiar with the frustrations mosquitos present. So, here are a few quick tips to help you beat the buzz:

  • Use good insect repellant, preferably with DEET. You may also want to check that your repellant is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as safe for you and your neighborhood.
  • For children, make sure to use mosquito netting, long clothes that cover large swaths of skin, and child-friendly insect repellants.
  • If you don’t like the greasy, smelly application of bug sprays and mosquito repellants, consider trying a clip-on or skin patch option.
  • Use torches in your yard that burn smoke, which deters mosquitos.
  • Try mosquito lamps and other bug zappers, if necessary.
  • Utilize insecticides, if you are otherwise unable to get rid of your mosquito problem. Keep in mind that insecticides can be dangerous to other forms of wildlife and should be used ideally as a last resort.
  • For more post-move home improvement ideas and tips, check out the pros and cons of switching to LED lights.

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