How to Eliminate Georgia Pests

When you picture Savannah, Georgia, things like Spanish moss, old oak trees, or historic architecture may come to mind. You may even think of Civil War reenactments or Scarlett O’Hara. Still, there are two unfortunate things you likely don’t picture in your hazy imaginings of Georgia peaches and hoop-skirted southern belles: insects and pests. Unfortunately for Savannah natives, tourists, and new homeowners alike, Georgia’s beautiful moss-covered trees and thick waterways come with many destructive pests and insects. Luckily, our moving professionals at American Moving & Storage in Savannah, Georgia, know how to identify common Georgia insects and Georgia pests. For the convenience of our customers and others moving to the Savannah, Georgia area, we at American Moving & Storage have put together some handy insect-identifying tips and removal tricks for new homeowners.

Common Georgia Insects

Georgia is home to various insect species, including many types of mosquitos, ants, hornets, termites, roaches, and ticks. These pests can be dangerous for many reasons. Mosquitos, for example, can carry deadly diseases that affect humans and pets alike. Mosquitos can transmit diseases, such as the Zika and West Nile viruses, to humans, which have been known to cause life-threatening illnesses and even death. Mosquitos are also known for carrying diseases and parasites that are highly infectious and dangerous to dogs, such as heartworms. Mosquitos, like many other insects, are drawn to heavily-wooded, wet environments, and the forested, damp climate of the Southeastern United States makes a prime breeding ground for such pests. 

In Georgia, flying insects, like mosquitos, hornets, and wasps, can be especially prevalent during summer. Homeowners need to consider mosquito control services. There are also many kinds of services offered to control other common Georgia insects, like spiders, roaches, and termites.

Georgia Pests

Georgia also has its fair share of non-insect pests. Rats and mice can be problems for homeowners, especially during particular times of the year, and rodent populations often carry other pests, like ticks and fleas. Typical moles can destroy yards and foundations in Georgia, and the fleas and ticks introduced by rodents and other wild animals can carry deadly illnesses.

Are Ticks Bad in Georgia?

Ticks are known for transmitting dangerous diseases to humans and animals, and they are very common in Georgia due to the state’s extensive woodland environment. Georgia commonly sees large populations of at least three tick breeds: the Lone Star tick, the American dog tick, and the black-legged tick. Ticks cause illnesses such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. 

However, despite Georgia’s high incidence of tick bites, there are several things you can do to avoid tick bites and protect yourself from tick-borne illness. Along with consistent use of insect repellant on skin and clothing, it is vital to check yourself for ticks multiple times per day after outdoor exposure. Wear long clothing that covers exposed skin when working outside or enjoying nature. Carefully remove any accumulated ticks with firm pulling techniques designed to ensure complete removal of all tick parts. 

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