Estimated Costs of Moving a Mobile Home

Are you looking to move your mobile home?

If you think you can simply hook it up to the back of your vehicle and as take off, reconsider. Although many consider mobile homes smaller moves, moving a mobile home is a huge task– not to mention costly. Nevertheless, with quality movers and also lots of preparation, you can do it. The following is how to estimate how much it will cost to move your mobile home.

So, just how much does it set you back to move a mobile house?

For a single-wide, full-service move, moving the home at least 50 miles can cost somewhere between $5,000 to $8,000. Moving a double-wide mobile residence this distance will likely set you back in between $10,000 to $13,000.

Remember, these are just estimated quotes.

The cost to move your mobile residence will certainly depend upon a wide array of variables consisting of labor prices, set-up services, moving products, mobile home dimension, allows as well as different transportation costs– among others. Indeed, far away relocations will cost even more, while regional moves will likely cost much less. For regional steps, the moving business might have a minimum fee that they charge, regardless of distance. Either way, you can bet the action will set you back at the very least $1,000 when it’s all stated and done. The transportation of a mobile house alone (without set-up solutions) might just cost between $1,000 to $5,000.

What variables impact the mobile home moving costs?

The cost to relocate a mobile house differs from move to relocate. Nonetheless, numerous typical elements influence every mobile home move. These consist of:

Distance of the relocation: 

The shorter the move, the less your cost will be. As you can imagine, carrying a mobile house behind a big truck requires quite a bit of gas. Not to mention, moving companies can’t drive rapidly or zip around corners with a “broad load” behind them. In addition, a longer step might need the moving company to purchase new tires and tools to take care of the distance.

Size of the mobile house: 

The size of your mobile residence will undoubtedly significantly affect the total mobile house relocating price. As anticipated, single-wides will surely set you back much less to move than double-wides, which are twice as large. If your home is as well large to drive down the street securely (read: it uses up greater than one lane), you may likewise have to pay for a cops escort or a temporary roadway closure.

Weight of the mobile home: 

According to, older mobile homes typically weigh in between 35 to 40 lbs. per square foot, while newer manufactured houses can weigh 45 to 50 lbs. per square foot. If your mobile house is 800 square feet, it can evaluate approximately 40,000 lbs. Yikes! Remember: the heavier your mobile residence, the more moving equipment and materials will be required. Ultimately, any increase in weight will cost you extra.

Licenses and assessment:

If you move your mobile residence to a new area or state, you need movers that can cross state lines. Luckily, we can get these authorizations before the relocation because we partner with national van lines. If you work with us, we will obtain all needed moving permits for you. Licenses are a pain to acquire. Fortunately, we will handle all of the essential authorization needs before your step. The mobile home relocating business needs to care for everything for you, from regional set-up licenses to state transportation permits. Keep in mind. You may also require obtaining a “set-up” authorization to install your mobile house in a new city. As far as evaluations go, some states, such as Florida, call for required assessments of older mobile residences before moving them to the state. These assessments guarantee that the mobile houses are safe and up-to-code before the relocation.

Moving products: 

From tools and supplies to tow drawbacks and tires, relocating a mobile residence needs tools and equipment you might not have. Your relocating firm ought to be able to break down the costs of essential moving products in your agreement.

Other factors to consider that may impact the price to relocate a mobile house consist of:

Reputable movers: 

If you intend to work with full-service moving companies for your mobile home moving, anticipate paying more. Besides transportation fees, many professional moving companies will certainly additionally call for a different cost for taking apart and establishing the mobile home. These costs may include: disconnecting and reconnecting your utilities; eliminating as well as reinstalling exterior features, such as a deck; getting rid of as well as reinstalling foundation (or skirting); eliminating as well as reinstalling interior features, and reconnecting a double-wide mobile home. According to, these solutions can set you back anywhere between $1,000 as well as $5,000. Nevertheless, we must note that while several mobile residence movers supply set-up services, they might still require property owners to eliminate their mobile home’s skirting as well as outside attributes before the move.

Mobile Home onsite repair: 

If the mobile house is older or seeking significant repairs, the moving companies might have to spend extra time modifying it before placing it on the road.

Insurance coverage and obligation: 

If using specialist moving companies, you’ll require to purchase obligation protection for the move. You may additionally want to consider acquiring an outside insurance policy. If you currently have a mobile house insurance policy, make sure to check with your carrier if they can cover a mobile residence while it’s in transport.

What are the advantages of hiring specialists to deal with the action?

We suggest you do not move a mobile home by yourself. This action needs a team of professionals trained in setting up a mobile home and who have experience in driving big loads attached to the rear of their truck. Those who are moving their mobile residences across the country and throughout state lines might need numerous movers to take care of the transportation. 

While employing a moving company to manage your mobile residence step isn’t inexpensive, it does have its benefits. Below are a couple of excellent factors to use a relocating company to handle the moving:

The moving business will deliver the mobile home for you: 

Driving a multiple truck service is hard enough without the added fear of dragging a large ton behind it. So unless you’re a knowledgeable vehicle driver, I extremely recommend working with experts to drive your mobile home– especially if going cross country. Otherwise, you could place on your own and others at risk.

It will save you energy and time: 

From stood-out tires to establishing services, working with a relocating firm will conserve you from all sorts of headaches later down the road. If you wish for a smooth, simple move, employing a professional mover is the way to go. Depend on us– you will not regret it.

All set to move your mobile residence?

If you intend to relocate your mobile home, you might need to lease a storage unit during the moving process. Contact us today for a free quote. Best of luck as well as happy relocating!

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