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6 Quick Tips To Make Your Move A Breeze

American Moving and Storage

Taking the stress out of your move

American Moving and Storage - Taking the stress out of your move

6 Quick Tips To Make Your Move A Breeze

BreezePack up the family; you’re onto new beginnings and a beautiful new home. You’ve spent months searching for the perfect house, and now it’s time to make the move to find the best moving company. With so much excitement it’s easy to forget all of the little things left to accomplish.

Simplify the big move with these 6 helpful tips:

1. Spring cleaning comes early

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to moving day is the importance of organization. Cleaning is key to keeping organized. Before you begin packing, take the time to carefully go through all of your belongings. Start small and work your way around the home. It may be helpful to do this as soon as the move becomes official, if not before. The less clutter, the better!

2. There is no such thing as too much labeling

As you begin packing your memories, you’ll want to keep the unpacking process in mind. Though it may seem easy to throw your possessions in a box, labeling each box is beyond critical. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you can successfully place the boxes in the appropriate location, making your unpacking a breeze.

3. Document valuables

We all have items we treasure, and it’s important that we keep track of these items throughout the moving journey. How can you do this? Before the move, take a good look at all of your valuables. While jewelry is among these precious items, antiques and artwork should be taken into consideration. Write them down and take photos.

4. Pack an overnight bag

Though you might want to start unpacking right away, chances are you’ll be too tired. Putting together an overnight bag is a great way to access your essentials. Include a change of clothes, some toiletries, and any other critical items you might need.

5. Call a locksmith and notify utility services

Making sure your locks have been changed in your new home is a must. There is nothing more important than feeling safe. Contacting a locksmith ahead of time will allow you to schedule a convenient appointment throughout the move, or beforehand if necessary. And don’t forget about utilities! What use is your gorgeous new flat screen TV if there’s no cable? Request that your phone, the internet, and cable be disconnected in your old house and turned on at the new one.

6. Hire a cleaning company

Save yourself time. Hiring a cleaning company to scrub down both the old and new house will give you the opportunity to focus on more important parts of the move. Leaving the housework to someone else? No complaints here!

Find Out How American Moving and Storage Can Help You

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, American Moving and Storage’s team of qualified professionals are here to provide you with affordable relocation solutions and storage options that meet your specific needs. Find out how we can we help you. Call us today at 912-401-0362 to learn more about our professional packing, crating, moving, and storage services.


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