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What to Expect with a Long Distance Move

American Moving and Storage

Taking the stress out of your move

American Moving and Storage - Taking the stress out of your move

What to Expect with a Long Distance Move

Cross Country Moving TipsMoving is never a simple affair. Relocating to a new state or across the country can throw a load of new complications into the mix. You need to know what to expect as you begin researching moving companies and preparing your home for relocation.

Pack in Overdrive

Packing for a local move often seems easy compared to a long distance move. Everything still needs to be packed, but how securely each item is packed has a lot more impact during a long distance move. Open boxes and previously used packing supplies might keep your dishes safe enough if you’re just moving a few blocks away. However, during a long distance move, with all your belongings traveling by van down highways, this sort of packing is guaranteed to be disastrous. At least a month in advance, you need to purchase new, quality packing and padding materials. Research how to adequately pack fragile items, such as dishes and flat screen televisions, so they can make their journey safely.

If you prefer, our professional long distance movers can take responsibility for your packing. A professional will make sure to use new, quality boxes. For added protection against the unexpected, you should also discuss valuation plans with your mover.

Itemize Everything

Your official inventory is significant to your long distance move, especially when using a professional moving company. An inventory provides a system of checks and balances for both your family and the moving company. It helps all parties involved track the items and notice instantly if something is wrong. The mover will use your inventory to provide a moving estimate. The driver will use your inventory to verify all items make it on to the moving van and off again. You will be expected to confirm all items in your inventory have been successfully delivered at the end of your move.

No matter what, a professional moving company will create a complete inventory for you. However, when you label each box appropriately and make sure you know exactly what is in each box, this system of checks and balances is easier to manage.

Know How Movers Talk

There is a lot of jargon involved in the moving industry, such as stair carry, broker and high-value articles. Make sure you completely understand the terms a mover is using to discuss their services before signing a contract.

Check out our Cross Country Moving Checklist – you can use this handy checklist so that you have everything you need to remember.

Whether you need to move your home or business across town or across the country, American Moving and Storage’s team of qualified professionals are here to provide you with affordable relocation solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us at 912-401-0362 for information on how we can assist you. Let us take the stress out of your move.


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