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Pregnant and Moving? What to do when you are moving while pregnant

American Moving and Storage

Taking the stress out of your move

American Moving and Storage - Taking the stress out of your move

Pregnant and Moving? What to do when you are moving while pregnant

pregnantWith a new baby on the way a house can shrink before your eyes as you find yourself needing to make room for more people in your house, a new nursery, and a place for all that baby gear. You may find that a move for you and your family is a necessity.  While pregnancy and moving are both life-changing events that can be overwhelming and very emotional experiences, with some careful planning, it doesn’t need to be.  Here are a few tips, that can help you organize your moving.

Get help

You shouldn’t lift or carry anything heavy, and you need to rest too. So ask friends and family for help or make the whole moving experience so much easier by hiring a professional moving company. In a delicate situation like yours your concern should be about you staying happy, healthy, and relaxed. Minimize stress and let the movers worry about your moving.

Eye on the prize

Chances are you’re moving for a positive reason – into a bigger house, to be closer to family,  or a great new job. So even on the dog-tired days when you’re feeling low or stressed, remember why you’re moving and imagine your new life with your family in your new place.

Keep the essentials at hand

If you are in the last months of pregnancy, make sure your hospital bag doesn’t get shoved in with everything else. You want all those exciting new baby essentials at hand just in case.


Once the moving is over and unpacking time begins, don’t try to do everything at once as tempting as it might seem.  Unpack the things you’ll need immediately first and slowly proceed to stuff like books, knick-knacks and less frequently used items to unpack at a slower pace. Giving yourself enough time to do everything will guarantee your safety and health during moving while pregnant.

Settle In

Meeting people is the most direct route for making a new community feel like your home. Being pregnant and looking after a newborn is much easier and much more fun with friends around.

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