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Moving With Children

American Moving and Storage

Taking the stress out of your move

American Moving and Storage - Taking the stress out of your move

Moving With Children

Tips for moving with childrenMoving to a new home can be physically and emotionally hard on every member of your family, and kids are no exception. Children generally resist change – which can spell disaster on moving day if steps aren’t taken ahead of time to ease their anxiety. There are several things you can do to help your child accept, cope with, and perhaps even look forward to moving day.

Consider taking a trip to your new home prior to moving day if possible. If you can, plan for a few days in your new town, and allow your child to walk through the new living space, see their new school, meet the neighborhood kids – anything it takes to help them build up a sense of belonging and bond to the new area.

Let them be part of the moving process if possible, letting them pack a special box with their most treasured toys and belongings, or choose a decoration for their new room. Create a special list of responsibilities just for them so that they feel more empowered to embrace this new adventure.

On moving day, make sure that there are plenty snacks for the trip, and set up a play space – or the kids’ bedrooms – first. Have a few activities on-hand with which your child can entertain himself. Alternately, set up a playdate with one of the neighborhood kids (at their home, of course), or get help from a family member or friend.

If you plan carefully, moving day doesn’t have to be a scary prospect for you or your child!

Located in Savannah, GA, American Moving and Storage, agent for National Van Lines, provides professional packing, crating, moving, and storage services on a local, intrastate, interstate and international basis.

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